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      吸濕轉輪在外力驅動下緩慢轉動,待處理的濕空氣通過轉輪迎風面的3/4區域,濕空水 分被吸氣中的附、吸收,處理后的干空氣在處理風機的作用下離開轉輪,再配以其他 處理手段,最終送至工作場所;在處理空氣進入轉輪的同時,再生空氣先經過加熱, 然后再生風機的作用下,逆向通過轉輪的1/4區域,將轉輪從處理空氣中吸取的水分帶 走,實現轉輪的再生,使除濕連續進行。轉輪除濕以其系統運行穩定和處理低露點溫 度的優越性,使其廣泛用于各種行業。



      Rotors turns solely, driven by motor. Process air pass through 3/4 area of windward side of rotors, most of moisture in air is adsorbed by rotors, and the air is left rotors by blower, together with other treatment means,finally, it is sent to workplace; while the process air is entering into rotors, another part of air is heated first, then drive by regener ation blower, the moisture, which is obtained from process air, is brought out 1/4 area of rotors to achieve the regeneration of rotors, and make adsorption dehumidificationbe able to go on continuously. Its advantages of ste ady system and handling dewdrop tem perature make it be applied in various profession exten-sively.

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